How do I measure my nail sizes?
Due to measurement differences with each shape of nails, the best way to get your accurate sizing is to order our Sizing Kits (Only 3.50$ and Free Shipping!)
How do I order custom nails?
Please DM us on Instagram @ashlie.cosmetics for Custom Nail Inquiries. Prices will vary depending on product/color availability!
How long do the nails stay on?
With proper prepping and care, our nails can last up to 3-4weeks.
They are reusable and very sturdy!
Do you guys use regular polish or gel?
All of our press on nails are made with Gel nail polish Only.
What can I do to make my Nails Last Longer??
Prepping your nails is a very important step to have your press on nails last longer.
Every Press on Nail Kit comes with a Prep Kit including a instruction card.